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Nineteenth Annual Report
Twentieth Annual Report
Twenty-First - Twenty-Second Annual Reports
Twenty-Third - Twenty-Fourth Annual Report
Karst Educational Posters (FGS Poster 13)
Contributions to Florida Vertebrate Paleontology
Bibliography and Index of Articles Relating to the Ground-Water Resources of Florida, 1861-1955
Summary of the Geology of Florida and a Guidebook to the Classic Exposures
Summary of the Geology of Florida and a Guidebook to the Classic Exposures (Revised)
Fossil Mammals of Florida
An Investigation of the Darby and Hornsby Springs Sites, Alachua County, Florida
Rocks and Minerals of Florida, A Guide to Identification, Occurrence, Production and Use
Florida Petroleum Exploration, Production and Prospects
Fossil Vertebrates of Vero, Florida
Index to Water Resources Data-Collection Stations in Florida, 1961
The Water Mapping, Monitoring, and Research Program in Florida
Environmental Geology and Hydrology, Tallahassee Area, Florida
Proceedings, Seventh Forum on Geology of Industrial Minerals, April 28-30, 1971
Environmental Geology and Hydrology, Tampa Area, Florida
Geologic Framework of the High Transmissivity Zones in South Florida
The Geothermal Nature of the Floridan Plateau
Florida: The New Uranium Producer
Guidelines for Authors with Comments for Editorial Reviewers
Miocene of the Southeastern United States, Proceedings of a Symposium Held December 4-5, 1980, Tallahassee, Florida
An Overview of Peat in Florida and Related Issues
Hydrogeological Units of Florida
Karst in Florida
Geologic Descriptions of Selected Exposures in Florida
Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology of the Ocala Area, Florida
Floridas Ground Water Quality Monitoring Program, Hydrogeological Framework
Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology of the Gainesville Area, Florida
Floridas Ground Water Quality Monitoring Program, Background Hydrogeochemistry
Floridas Geological History and Geological Resources
Plio-Pleistocene Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Southern Florida
The Florida Bureau of Geology, Past, Present, and Future
The Neogene of Florida and Adjacent Regions: Proceedings of the Third Bald Head Island Conference on Coastal Plains Geology
Bibliography and Index of Graduate Theses and Dissertations on Florida Geology Through 1991 Including Selected Abstracts
William F. Tanner on Environmental Clastic Granulometry
The Florida Geological Survey: An Illustrated Chronicle and Brief History
Seasonal Variation in Sandy Beach Shoreline Position and Beach Width; Open-Ocean Water Level Datum Planes: Use and Misuse in Coastal Applications
Geological Assessment: The Foundation of Understanding the "Bucket" that Contains Our Precious Water Resources
On the Breaking of Nearshore Waves; Shore-Breaking Wave Energetics
The Wakulla Springs Woodville Karst Plain Symposium Transactions, October 9, 1998
Spring Creek Submarine Springs Group, Wakulla County, Florida
Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography of Marine Subaqueous Sand Resources of Floridas Gulf of Mexico, 1942 -1997
Geology and Hydrology of Lee County, Florida
Guidebook to the Correlation of Geophysical Well Logs within the St. Johns River Water Management District
Significance of Caves in Watershed Management and Protection in Florida -- Workshop Proceedings, April 16-17, 2003, Ocala, FL
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