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Locality Ci-7 unc. betw. Dolosilt and Inglis Ls
Florida Mining and Materials Broco Pit, Ho Co. Os/Eor Contact is thin yellowish bed os/eor T Scott KMC
Limestone, Lansing Quarry
Old lansing Qy, Hr. Co. N Face Os/Eor Soln Pipe in Os T. Scott for scale Kmc os/eor
Paleosinkhole in Ocala Limestone, Mid Florida Mining
Ocala Ls at Crystal River Pit
Solution pipes in Ocala Limestone (Nov. 1984)
Willeston Boulders at E.R. Jahna Pit
Crystal River Fm Carroll Constr. Co Lecanto Pit
Chert in Suwannee Ls Fla Rock Brooksville Tom Allen TS T. Scott
Ocala Flood Solution Pipes
Ocala Limestone at Natural Bridge E of 27
C. R. Q. Lecanto
Crystal River Quarries Lecanto Pit LS Pit citrus Co Scott
Outcrop in old Ls pit east of 441 near martin anthony echinoid burrows
Ocala limestone near Waddells mill pond pit
Ocala limestone near waddells mill pond pit
Ocala limestone in Waddells mill pond
Ocala limestone in Waddells mill pond pit
Ocala in Waddell Mill Pond Pit
Crystal River Quarry
Crystal River Quarry
Ocala Limestone
Summary of the Geology of Florida and a Guidebook to the Classic Exposures (Revised)
Suwannee Ocala contact at Mayo quarry
Contributions to Florida Vertebrate Paleontology
Biennial Report 14 (1959-1960)
An Investigation of the Darby and Hornsby Springs Sites, Alachua County, Florida
Biennial Report 13 (1957-1958)
Fossil Mammals of Florida
Summary of the Geology of Florida and a Guidebook to the Classic Exposures
Bibliography and Index of Articles Relating to the Ground-Water Resources of Florida, 1861-1955
Biennial Report 12 (1955-1956)
A List, Bibliography, and Index of the Fossil Vertebrates of Florida
A Provisional Gazeteer of Florida Place-Names of Indian Derivation Either Obsolescent or Retained Together with Others of Recent Application
Biennial Report 11 (1953-1954)
Biennial Report 10 (1951-1952)
Biennial Report 9 (1949-1950)
Biennial Report 8 (1947-1948)
Biennial Report 7 (1945-1946)
Biennial Report 6 (1943-1944)
Biennial Report 5 (1941-1942)
Biennial Report 4 (1939-1940)
Biennial Report 3 (1937-1938)
Biennial Report 2 (1935-1936)
Biennial Report 1 (1933-1934)
Twenty-Third - Twenty-Fourth Annual Report
Twenty-First - Twenty-Second Annual Reports
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