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Florida Caverns State Park, a Nature-Made Geologic Wonderland
A Geologic Guide to the Suwannee River, Ichetucknee Springs, Oleno and Manatee Springs State Parks
The Hawthorn Formation of Northeastern Florida, Part I: The Geology of the Hawthorn Formation of Northeastern Florida
Ocala Limestone at Natural Bridge E of 27
Ocala Flood Solution Pipes
Dissertations and Theses on Geology Completed at Florida Universities
Chert in Suwannee Ls Fla Rock Brooksville Tom Allen TS T. Scott
Crystal River Fm Carroll Constr. Co Lecanto Pit
Willeston Boulders at E.R. Jahna Pit
Neogene Stratigraphy and Geologic History of the Apalachicola Embayment
Notes on the Geology of Walton County
Geology of Citrus County, Florida
St. Vincent Island (St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge)
Solution pipes in Ocala Limestone (Nov. 1984)
Ocala Ls at Crystal River Pit
Geology of DeSoto County, Florida
Paleosinkhole in Ocala Limestone, Mid Florida Mining
Hydrogeological Units of Florida
Karst in Florida
Geology of Polk County, Florida
Old lansing Qy, Hr. Co. N Face Os/Eor Soln Pipe in Os T. Scott for scale Kmc os/eor
Limestone, Lansing Quarry
Florida Mining and Materials Broco Pit, Ho Co. Os/Eor Contact is thin yellowish bed os/eor T Scott KMC
Locality Ci-7 unc. betw. Dolosilt and Inglis Ls
Dolime Min. - T. S. Indicates Unconformity between Inglis limestone & Yl Or. Dolosilt - Posb Intra-formational
Old Lansing Qy, Hr. Co. N. Face Lk E Os/Ecr T. Scott Scale Kmc
Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Florida (Revised)
Geology of Union County, Florida
Geology of Bradford County, Florida
Carroll pit Crystal Rv Fm Bedding revealed by weathering
Limestone at Carroll Pit, Citrus Co.
Fla Mining & Mat Os/EO
Ocala and Suwannee Ls
Ocala and Suwannee Ls
Suwannee Limestone, Ocala Limestone
Suwannee/Ocala Limestone Contact
The Lithostratigraphy of the Hawthorn Group (Miocene) of Florida
Geology of Wakulla County, Florida
The Geology and Geomorphology of Gilchrist County, Florida
Geology and Geomorphology of Levy County, Florida
Geologic Interpretation of the Aquifer Pollution Potential in Alachua County, Florida
The Geology of Wakulla Springs
Florida Caverns State Park, Jackson County, Florida
The Geology of Flagler County, Florida
The Geology of Collier County, Florida
Pit in Ocala Limestone, West of Chiefland
Ocala Limestone Boulder along SR24 in Coastal Hammocks
Steinhatchee Dolomite (Ocala LS) Taylor Co.
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