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Closeup of Bridgeboro Limestone, Duncan Church Quarry, January 2000
Closeup of Marianna Limestone, Trawick Pit, January 2000
Closeup of Limestone at Trawick Pit, January 2000
Brooks Quarry, Florida Hi-Cal, Jackson County
Brooks Quarry, Florida Hi-Cal, Jackson County
Industrial Minerals Industry Directory of Florida
Mineral Resources of Jackson County, Florida
Geological Assessment: The Foundation of Understanding the "Bucket" that Contains Our Precious Water Resources
The Florida Geological Survey: An Illustrated Chronicle and Brief History
Swamp with Limestone Boulder, Florida Caverns State Park
Jackson County Outcrop
House, Possibly Made of Marianna Limestone
Bibliography and Index of Graduate Theses and Dissertations on Florida Geology Through 1991 Including Selected Abstracts
A Fossil Hunters Guide to the Geology of Panhandle Florida
Floridas Geological History and Geological Resources
Broken Column Due to Settling
Marianna Limestone from China Cave
Marianna Limestone from Tiny Quarry by China Cave
Industrial Minerals Industry Directory of Florida
The Neogene of Florida and Adjacent Regions: Proceedings of the Third Bald Head Island Conference on Coastal Plains Geology
Floridas Ground Water Quality Monitoring Program, Background Hydrogeochemistry
A Geological Overview of Florida
The Geomorphology and Geology of Liberty County, Florida
Geology of Gulf County, Florida
Floridas Ground Water Quality Monitoring Program, Hydrogeological Framework
The Geomorphology and Geology of Calhoun County, Florida
Geology and Ground-Water Resources of Madison County, Florida
Information Circular 105 (in two parts)
Stratigraphic Correlation of Outcrop Gamma Ray Profiles in Florida
Geologic Descriptions of Selected Exposures in Florida
Florida Caverns State Park, Jackson County, Florida
Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Florida (Revised)
Shallow Stratigraphic Core Tests on File at the Florida Geological Survey
The Industrial Minerals of Florida
Karst in Florida
Notes on the Geology of Walton County
Neogene Stratigraphy and Geologic History of the Apalachicola Embayment
Florida Caverns State Park, a Nature-Made Geologic Wonderland
The Sand and Gravel Resources of Florida
Geology of Bay County, Florida
Catalogue of Type Invertebrate Fossils at the Bureau of Geology
Guidelines for Authors with Comments for Editorial Reviewers
The Limestone, Dolomite and Coquina Resources of Florida
Marianna Limestone, NW of Marianna
Regional Structure and Stratigraphy of the Limestone Outcrop Belt in the Florida Panhandle
Marianna Across from Type Locality, RT 90
Marianna Limestone and Overburden, Marianna Limestone Pit off Rt 73
Marianna Limestone
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