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Salt Intrusion Can Be Controlled
Your Water Resources: Origin, Quality, Needs, Uses, Quantity, Movement, Occurrence, Conservation
Florida Mineral Industry, with Summaries of Production for 1940 and 1941
Florida Dunes and Scrub, Vegetation and Geology
Part 1: A Fossil Squirrel-Fish from the Upper Eocene of Florida; Part 2: The Rostrum of Felsinotherium ossivalense
Geology of Holmes and Washington Counties, Florida
Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Studies of Wells in Florida - No. 2, Suwannee Petroleum Corporations Sholtz No. 1, Florida Oil Discovery Companys Cedar Keys No. 2
Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Studies of Wells in Florida
Notes on the Upper Tertiary and Pleistocene Mollusks of Peninsular Florida
Scenery of Florida Interpreted by a Geologist
Stratigraphy and Micropaleontology of Two Deep Wells in Florida
Mollusks of the Tampa and Suwannee Limestones of Florida
Additions to the Molluscan Fauna of the Alum Bluff Group of Florida
Ostracoda of the Arca Zone of the Choctawhatchee Miocene of Florida
New Miocene Gastropods and Scaphopods from Alaqua Creek Valley, Florida
Ground Water Investigations in Florida
Miocene Vertebrates from Florida
The Foraminifera of the Upper, Middle, and Part of the Lower Miocene of Florida
Miocene Pelecypods of the Choctawhatchee Formation of Florida
The Pensacola Terrace and Associated Beaches and Bars of Florida
The Pliocene and Pleistocene Foraminifera of Florida
(1) A Fossil Teleost Fish of the Snapper Family (Lutianidae) from the Lower Oligocene of Florida; (2) The Foraminifera of the Marianna Limestone of Florida
The Foraminifera of the Choctawhatchee Formation of Florida
Miocene Gastropods and Scaphopods of the Choctawhatchee Formation of Florida
Roads and Road Materials of Florida
A Preliminary Report on the Underground Water Supply of Central Florida
Wakulla Springs Scientific Symposium, May 13, 2004, Tallahassee, FL
Jacksonvilles Water
Water Control vs. Sea-Water Intrusion, Broward County, Florida, Second Edition
Chronological Bibliography of Principal Published Ground-Water Reports in Florida Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey or the Florida Geological Survey, 1908-1963
The Pensacola Areas Water
Water for Thirsty Industry - Its Your Problem
Your Water Resources: Storage, Origin, Needs, Uses, Movement, Conservation
4th Annual Hydrogeology Consortium Workshop: Solving Water Pollution Problems in the Wakulla Springshed of North Florida, May 11-13, 2005, Tallahassee, FL
Geological and Geotechnical Investigation Procedures for Evaluation of the Causes of Subsidence Damage in Florida, 2005
Aquifer Storage Recovery IV: Science, Technology, Management and Policy - Proceedings, Tampa, FL, April 15-16, 2004
Significance of Caves in Watershed Management and Protection in Florida -- Workshop Proceedings, April 16-17, 2003, Ocala, FL
Florida Spring Classification System and Spring Glossary
Workshop to Develop Blue Prints for the Management and Protection of Floridas Springs - Proceedings, Ocala, Fl., May 8-9, 2002
Guidebook to the Correlation of Geophysical Well Logs within the St. Johns River Water Management District
Geology and Hydrology of Lee County, Florida
Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography of Marine Subaqueous Sand Resources of Floridas Gulf of Mexico, 1942 -1997
Spring Creek Submarine Springs Group, Wakulla County, Florida
The Wakulla Springs Woodville Karst Plain Symposium Transactions, October 9, 1998
On the Breaking of Nearshore Waves; Shore-Breaking Wave Energetics
Geological Assessment: The Foundation of Understanding the "Bucket" that Contains Our Precious Water Resources
Seasonal Variation in Sandy Beach Shoreline Position and Beach Width; Open-Ocean Water Level Datum Planes: Use and Misuse in Coastal Applications
The Florida Geological Survey: An Illustrated Chronicle and Brief History
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