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Annotated Bibliography of Mercury Studies Related to the Environment and Geologic Setting of Florida
Mineral Resources of Escambia County, Florida
Mineral Resources of Jackson County, Florida
Open-Ocean Water Level Datum Planes for Monumented Coasts of Florida
Geologic and Geotechnical Assessment for the Evaluation of Sinkhole Claims
Economic Geology of the Heavy Mineral Placer Deposits in Northeastern Florida
The Geomorphology and Geology of Taylor County, Florida
A Geological Investigation of the Offshore Area Along Floridas Central East Coast: Year 1
Topographic Maps: Useful Tools for the Florida Fossil Hunter
A Fossil Hunters Guide to the Geology of Southern Florida
A Fossil Hunters Guide to the Geology of the Northern Florida Peninsula
Microfossil Sample Preparation and Techniques
A Fossil Hunters Guide to the Geology of Panhandle Florida
Core Drilling and Analysis: City of Sarasota, Downtown Well Field
Lithostratigraphic and Hydrostratigraphic Cross Sections Through Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, Southwest Florida
The Geology of Warm Mineral Springs, Sarasota County, Florida
Geomorphology and Geology of Escambia County, Florida
Florida Sinkhole Index
An Overview of Florida Marine Mining and Marine Oil and Gas Production Regulations
Sarasota County Intermediate Aquifer System Core Drilling and Analysis
Neutron Log Signature of the Pliocene Tamiami Formation in Brevard and Indian River Counties, East-Central Peninsular Florida
Carbonate Units of the Intermediate Aquifer System in the Suwannee River Water Management District
Guidelines for Authors
Editorial Preparation of Florida Geological Survey Publications
Geomorphology, Geology, and Hydrogeology of the Savannas State Reserve, Martin and St. Lucie Counties, Florida
A Geological Overview of Florida
Lithologic Variation in the Miami Limestone of Florida
Lithology and Palynology of Cave Floor Sediment Cores from Wakulla Spring, Wakulla County, Florida
The Geomorphology, Geology and Hydrogeology of Lafayette County, Florida
The Geomorphology and Geology of Dixie County, Florida
Floridas Oil and Gas Reserves for 1991
The Geomorphology and Geology of Liberty County, Florida
A Gamma-Ray Profile Investigation of the Upper Pleistocene Miami Limestone of South Florida
Radon Potential Study, Alachua County, Florida: Near-Surface Stratigraphy and Results of Drilling
Earthquakes and Seismic History of Florida
Sand, Gravel and Heavy-Mineral Resource Potential of Holocene Sediments Offshore of Florida, Cape Canaveral to the Georgia Border: Phase I
Licensing of Geologists in Florida: A Result of the Population/ Development Explosion and Political Environmental Awareness
Core Drilling Project: Lee, Hendry and Collier Counties
The Lithostratigraphy of the Hawthorn Group of Peninsular Florida
Sand, Gravel and Heavy-Mineral Resources Potential of Surficial Sediments Offshore of Cape Canaveral, Florida
The Geology and Geomorphology of Floridas Coastal Marshes
The Geomorphology, Geology and Hydrogeology of Baker County, Florida
The Geomorphology and Geology of Calhoun County, Florida
A Brief Overview of Miocene Lithostratigraphy - Northern Florida and Eastern Georgia
Summary of the Geology of Glades County, Florida
Characterization of the Sediments Overlying the Floridan Aquifer System in Alachua County, Florida
Heavy-Mineral Reconnaissance off the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida
The Geology of Hamilton County, Florida
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