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FGS News and Research, Winter 2019
FGS News and Research, Spring 2018
Avon Park Formation at Cross Florida Barge Canal
FGS News and Research, Winter 2015
FGS News and Research, Summer 2014
FGS News and Research, Spring 2014
Closeup of Avon Park Formation exposed at type section, Levy County
Avon Park Formation
Dolomitic Limestone from Avon Park Formation
Dolime Pit
Avon Park Fm Gulf Hammock
Avon Park core sample
Evap. Dissolution Vugs - Avon Park Fm Gulf hammock
Avon Park Formation Sample
Avon Park Formation - Periarchus Lyelli Echinoid
Citrus Co. Dolime; Unconformity, Thin Clay Layer
Dolime, Barge Canal Pit
Dolime, Barge Canal Pit
Bernie Murochick at Dolime Pit, Barge Canal; Avon Park fm
Dolime Pit, Citrus Co.
Outcrop Gulf Hammock Fm (Avon Park), On Waccasassa River
Inglis - Avon Park Dolime Pit - Barge Canal
Fla Rk Gulf Hammock Avon Park Ls
Burrows in Avon Park filled with chert
Eocene seagrass impressions in Avon Park formation dolostone.