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Biennial Report 31 (2019-2020)
Lake Jackson Dye Trace, August 2021
Biennial Report 30 (2017-2018)
Biennial Report 29 (2015-2016)
Biennial Report 28 (2013-2014)
St. Marks Formation kuphus exposed in bed of St. Marks River
St. Marks Formation: silicified gastropod exposed in bed of St. Marks River
FGS News and Research, Summer 2014
St. Marks Formation Visible in Bed of St. Marks River near River Rise (June 2014)
FGS News and Research, Winter 2013
Biennial Report 27 (2011-2012)
Third Annual Report, 1909-10
Biennial Report 24 (2005-2006)
Biennial Report 23 (2003-2004)
Biennial Report 22 (2001-2002)
Karst Educational Posters (FGS Poster 13)
Biennial Report 21 (1999-2000)
Biennial Report 20 (1997-1998)
Biennial Report 19 (1995-1996)
Biennial Report 18 (1993-1994)
Floridas Geological History and Geological Resources
Biennial Report 17 (1991-1992)
Floridas Ground Water Quality Monitoring Program, Background Hydrogeochemistry
Plio-Pleistocene Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Southern Florida
Biennial Report 16 (1989-1990)
Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology of the Gainesville Area, Florida
Floridas Ground Water Quality Monitoring Program, Hydrogeological Framework
Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology of the Ocala Area, Florida
Biennial Report 15 (1987-1988)
Geologic Descriptions of Selected Exposures in Florida
St. Marks Limestone - Tucker Point, Wakulla County
Ft. San Marcos De Apalache
Karst in Florida
Hydrogeological Units of Florida
An Overview of Peat in Florida and Related Issues
Miocene of the Southeastern United States, Proceedings of a Symposium Held December 4-5, 1980, Tallahassee, Florida
Guidelines for Authors with Comments for Editorial Reviewers
Florida: The New Uranium Producer
The Geothermal Nature of the Floridan Plateau
Geologic Framework of the High Transmissivity Zones in South Florida
Environmental Geology and Hydrology, Tampa Area, Florida
Proceedings, Seventh Forum on Geology of Industrial Minerals, April 28-30, 1971
Environmental Geology and Hydrology, Tallahassee Area, Florida
The Water Mapping, Monitoring, and Research Program in Florida
Index to Water Resources Data-Collection Stations in Florida, 1961
Summary of the Geology of Florida and a Guidebook to the Classic Exposures (Revised)
Contributions to Florida Vertebrate Paleontology
Fossil Vertebrates of Vero, Florida
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