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Your Water Resources: Origin, Quality, Needs, Uses, Quantity, Movement, Occurrence, Conservation
Contributions to Florida Vertebrate Paleontology
Neogene Biostratigraphy of the Charlotte Harbor Area in Southwestern Florida
Florida Petroleum Exploration, Production and Prospects
Biennial Report 14 (1959-1960)
The Limestone Resources of Washington, Holmes, and Jackson Counties, Florida
Rocks and Minerals of Florida, A Guide to Identification, Occurrence, Production and Use
An Investigation of the Darby and Hornsby Springs Sites, Alachua County, Florida
Biennial Report 13 (1957-1958)
Fossil Mammals of Florida
Summary of the Geology of Florida and a Guidebook to the Classic Exposures
Bibliography and Index of Articles Relating to the Ground-Water Resources of Florida, 1861-1955
Some Geomorphic Features of Central Peninsular Florida
Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Late Neogene Strata of the Caloosahatchee River Area of Southern Florida
Biennial Report 12 (1955-1956)
Mining and Mineral Resources
Stratigraphy and Zonation of the Ocala Group
A List, Bibliography, and Index of the Fossil Vertebrates of Florida
A Provisional Gazeteer of Florida Place-Names of Indian Derivation Either Obsolescent or Retained Together with Others of Recent Application
Biennial Report 11 (1953-1954)
Geology of Jackson County, Florida
Biennial Report 10 (1951-1952)
Eocene Mollusks from Citrus and Levy Counties, Florida
Biennial Report 9 (1949-1950)
Geology of Citrus and Levy Counties, Florida
Paleontologic Studies
Biennial Report 8 (1947-1948)
Elevations in Florida
Biennial Report 7 (1945-1946)
Springs of Florida
The Peat Deposits of Florida, Their Occurrence, Development, and Uses
Biennial Report 6 (1943-1944)
Geology of Florida
Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Studies of Wells in Florida - No. 4, City of Tallahassee Water Well no. 6, Dale Mabry Field Water Well "B", Ravlin-Brown V.G. Phillips No. 1 Well
Late Cenozoic Geology of Southern Florida, with a Discussion of the Ground Water
Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Studies of Wells in Florida - No. 3, City of Quincy Water Well, St. Marys Oil Corporation, Hilliard Turpentine Company No. 1 Well
Biennial Report 5 (1941-1942)
The Natural Features of Southern Florida, Especially the Vegetation, and the Everglades
Florida Mineral Industry, with Summaries of Production for 1940 and 1941
Florida Dunes and Scrub, Vegetation and Geology
Geology of Holmes and Washington Counties, Florida
Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Studies of Wells in Florida - No. 2, Suwannee Petroleum Corporations Sholtz No. 1, Florida Oil Discovery Companys Cedar Keys No. 2
Biennial Report 4 (1939-1940)
Part 1: A Fossil Squirrel-Fish from the Upper Eocene of Florida; Part 2: The Rostrum of Felsinotherium ossivalense
Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Studies of Wells in Florida
Biennial Report 3 (1937-1938)
Notes on the Upper Tertiary and Pleistocene Mollusks of Peninsular Florida
Scenery of Florida Interpreted by a Geologist
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