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Citronelle Formation
Road Cut, Citronelle Miocene Contact
CItronelle Miocene Contact
CItronelle Miocene Contact
Citronelle formation in Walton Co.
Unconformable Citronelle/Miocene
Cracks in Citron filled with overlying sediment in the quarry by Wausau firetower
Unconformable Citronelle on Miocene
Color Banding Cutting Across Bedding in Adair Pit
Citronelle Fm - Miocene contact
Citronelle Formation Exposure
Randomly occuring clay in railroad cut near Citronelle, Alabama
Leaf bed at type locality, Citronelle, Alabama
Railroad Cut at type section for Citronelle Formation, Citronelle Alabama
Citronelle At Red Bluff, Perdido Bay, AL
Citronelle Miocene, Hawthorn in Jackson Co.
Trace Fossils - Possibly in Citronelle Fm
Color Banding Cutting Bedding, Citronelle Formation
Citronelle Miocene Contact
Citronelle Formation in a railroad cut at the Type Section near Citronelle, Alabama