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Walking to Gander Spring
View of Gander Springs spring run
Gary Fowler and Scott Barrett Dyer with water leveler, Gander Spring
Gary Fowler removing charcoal pack, Wakulla Springs
View of spring boil, Noname Spring
View of water leveler in Gander Spring
Geologist Scott Barrett Dyer, Gander Spring
Geologic Framework of Phosphate Resources in Onslow Bay, North Carolina Continental Shelf
Phosphorite Sedimentation in Florida - A Model Phosphogenic System
Petrology of the Tertiary Phosphorite System of Florida
Table 5: Lithologic correlation chart for the phosphorite section of the Central Florida Phosphate District and the proposed stratigraphic nomenclature
Stratigraphy and Sedimentation of Phosphorite in the Central Florida Phosphate District
Paleoceanographic Model of Neogene Phosphorite Deposition, U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin
Tectonic Model of Phosphate Genesis
Intraclast and pellet phosphorite sedimentation in the Miocene of Florida
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