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Geologic Map of Citrus County, Florida
Geologic Map of Lake County, Florida
Geologic Map of Volusia County, Florida
Geologic Map of Flagler County, Florida
Geologic Map of Putnam County, Florida
Geologic Map of Clay County, Florida
Geologic Map of Duval County, Florida
Geologic Map of Nassau County, Florida
An Isopach Map of the Hawthorn Group in the Suwannee River Water Management District, 1992
Mines and Quarries Greater than 10 Acres in Size in the Suwannee River Water Management District, 1992
Ground-Penetrating Radar Survey of Ichetucknee Springs State Park South Entrance Parking Lot and Picnic Area
A petrographic, mineralogical and geochemical study of core samples from Paradise Run Aquifer Storage and Recoveery Well (HIF-42) and Brighton Reservation Aquifer Storage and Recovery Exploratory Well
Geochemical mineralogical and petrographic characterization of rocks comprising the Upper Floridan Aquifer in South Florida
Florida Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Geochemical Study 2008-2011
Demonstrating interconnection between a wastewater application facility and a first magnitude spring in a karstic watershed: Tracer study of the Southeast Farm Wastewater Reuse Facility, Tallahassee,
A Sedimentological Analysis of Seagrass Bed Substrate from Bay County, Florida
Wekiva Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment
High Resolution Sea-Level History for the Gulf of Mexico Since the Last Glacial Maximum
A Geological Investigation of Sand Resources in the Offshore Area Along Florida’s Central-East Coast
Florida Aquifer Storage and Recovery Geochemical Study, southwest Florida: Year One & Year Two Progress Report
Reappraisal of the Geology and Hydrogeology of Gilchrist County, Florida, with Emphasis on the Wacassassa Flats
Geology of Sumter County, Florida
Petrogenesis of Early Mesozoic Tholeiite in the Florida Basement and An Overview of Florida Basement Geology
An Investigation of the Geology, Hydrogeology, and Hydrochemistry of the Lower Suwannee River Basin
Heavy Mineral Reconnaissance Off the Coast of the Apalachicola River Delta, Northwest Florida
The Hawthorn Formation of Northeastern Florida
Biostratigraphy of Selected Cores of the Hawthorn Formation in Northeast and East-Central Florida
Shallow Stratigraphy of Okaloosa County and Vicinity, Florida
The Hawthorn Formation of Central Florida
The Sand and Gravel Resources of Florida
Stratigraphy and Oil Potential of the Lower Cretaceous Sunniland Formation in South Florida
The Limestone, Dolomite and Coquina Resources of Florida
The Geology and Water Resources of the Upper Suwannee River Basin, Florida
Regional Structure and Stratigraphy of the Limestone Outcrop Belt in the Florida Panhandle
Ground-Water Resources of the Hollywood Area, Florida
Water Resources of Walton County, Florida
The Geology of the Western Part of Alachua County, Florida
The Highland Heavy-Mineral Sand Deposit on Trail Ridge in Northern Peninsular Florida
Ground-Water Resources of DeSoto and Hardee Counties, Florida
Hydrologic Effects of the Tampa Bypass Canal System
Hydrology of Three Sinkhole Basins in Southwestern Seminole County, Florida
Water Resources of Indian River County, Florida
Summary of Hydrologic Conditions and Effects of Walt Disney World Development in the Reedy Creek Improvement District, 1966-73
Appraisal of the Water Resources of Charlotte County, Florida
Evaluation of Hydraulic Characteristics of a Deep Artesian Aquifer from Natural Water-Level Fluctuations, Miami, Florida
Hydrologic Consequences of Using Ground Water to Maintain Lake Levels Affected by Water Wells Near Tampa, Florida
Water Balance of Lake Kerr - A Deductive Study of a Landlocked Lake in North-Central Florida
Hydrologic Concepts of Artificially Recharging the Floridan Aquifer in Eastern Orange County, Florida – A Feasibility Study
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