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Regional Structure and Stratigraphy of the Limestone Outcrop Belt in the Florida Panhandle
Ground-Water Resources of Polk County
Miscellaneous Studies (in three parts)
Miscellaneous Studies (in two parts)
Text to accompany the Geologic Map of Florida (Map Series 146)
Mineral Resources of Jackson County, Florida
A Fossil Hunters Guide to the Geology of Panhandle Florida
A Geological Overview of Florida
The Geomorphology and Geology of Liberty County, Florida
The Lithostratigraphy of the Hawthorn Group of Peninsular Florida
The Geology and Geomorphology of Floridas Coastal Marshes
The Geomorphology and Geology of Calhoun County, Florida
Stratigraphic Correlation of Outcrop Gamma Ray Profiles in Florida
Florida Caverns State Park, Jackson County, Florida
St. Vincent Island (St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge)
Geology of Washington County, Florida
Geologic Map of the State of Florida
Dissertations and Theses on Geology Completed at Florida Universities
The Hawthorn Formation of Northeastern Florida, Part I: The Geology of the Hawthorn Formation of Northeastern Florida
Springs of Florida
Changes In Groundwater Levels, Spring Discharge, and Concentrations of Saline and Rock-Matrix Indicators of the Floridan Aquifer System, Florida (1991–2011)
Geology of Gulf County, Florida
Geology of Gadsden County, Florida
Geology of Wakulla County, Florida
The Lithostratigraphy of the Hawthorn Group (Miocene) of Florida
Neogene Stratigraphy and Geologic History of the Apalachicola Embayment
Geology of Bay County, Florida
New and Little-Known Corals from the Tampa Formation of Florida
Igneous and Metamorphic Basement Rocks of Florida
Corals from the Chipola and Jackson Bluff Formations of Florida
Mineral Resource Study of Holmes, Walton and Washington Counties
Geology of Jefferson County, Florida
Geology and Ground-Water Resources of Leon County, Florida
Geology of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, Western Florida Panhandle
The Regional Lithostratigraphic Analysis of Paleocene and Eocene Rocks of Florida
Springs of Florida
Springs of Florida (Revised)
The Limestone Resources of Washington, Holmes, and Jackson Counties, Florida
Mining and Mineral Resources
Geology of Jackson County, Florida
Contribution to the Study of the Miocene of the Florida Panhandle
Geology of Florida
The Geology of Falling Waters State Recreation Area
Florida Mineral Industry, with Summaries of Production for 1940 and 1941
Geology of Holmes and Washington Counties, Florida
Scenery of Florida Interpreted by a Geologist
Stratigraphy and Micropaleontology of Two Deep Wells in Florida
Mollusks of the Tampa and Suwannee Limestones of Florida
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