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Potentiometric Surface of the Upper Floridan Aquifer in Florida, May 2000
Environmental Geology Series - Tarpon Springs Sheet
Areas of Natural Recharge to the Floridan Aquifer in Florida
Environmental Geology Series - Tampa Sheet
Water Quality of Florida Springs
Top of the Floridan Aquifer in the St. Johns River Water Management District
Potential Subsurface Zones for Liquid-Waste Storage in Florida
Environmental Geology Series - Daytona Beach Sheet
Top of the Floridan Aquifer of North Central Florida
Quality of Untreated Water for Public Supplies in Florida with Reference to the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations
Environmental Geology Series - Tallahassee Sheet
Environmental Geology Series - Jacksonville Sheet
Environmental Geology Series - Valdosta Sheet
Freshwater Use in Florida, 1975
Top of the Floridan Aquifer of Northwest Florida
Environmental Geology Series - Orlando Sheet
Environmental Geology Series - Apalachicola Sheet
Principal Uses of Freshwater in Florida, 1975
Chemical Quality of Water Used for Municipal Supply in Florida, 1975
Runoff from Hydrologic Units in Florida
Environmental Geology Series - Ft. Pierce Sheet
Environmental Geology Series - Gainesville Sheet
Environmental Geology Series - Pensacola Sheet
Dissolved-Solids Concentrations and Loads in Florida Surface Waters
Program for Monitoring Surface-Water Quality in Florida
Nitrogen Loads and Concentrations in Florida Streams
Thickness of the Potable Water Zone in the Floridan Aquifer
Potentiometric Surface and Areas of Artesian Flow of the Floridan Aquifer in Florida, May 1974
River Basin and Hydrologic Unit Map of Florida
Terraces and Shorelines of Florida
Estimated Yield of Fresh-Water Wells in Florida
Hydrology of the Oklawaha Lakes Area of Florida
Recharge Areas of the Floridan Aquifer in Seminole County and Vicinity, Florida
Ground-Water Withdrawals in the Upper Peace and Upper Alafia River Basins, Florida
Surface Water Features of Florida
The Observation-Well Network of the U.S. Geological Survey in Florida
Low Streamflow in Florida - Magnitude and Frequency
An Index to Springs of Florida
Water-Level Fluctuations of Lakes in Florida
The Anclote and Pithlachascotee Rivers as Water Supply Sources
Hydrology of Lake Tarpon Near Tarpon Springs, Florida
Encroaching Salt Water in Northeast Palm Beach County, Florida
Specific Conductance of Water in Florida Streams and Canals
Bouguer Anomaly Map of the Florida Peninsula and Adjoining Continental Shelves
Top of the Floridan Artesian Aquifer
Quantity and Quality of Surface Water in Marion County, Florida
A Hydrologic Description of Lake Minnehaha at Clermont, Florida
The Shallow Aquifer of Southwest Florida
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