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Ground-Water Resources of Manatee County, Florida
Biscayne Aquifer of Dade and Broward Counties, Florida
Some Geomorphic Features of Central Peninsular Florida
Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Late Neogene Strata of the Caloosahatchee River Area of Southern Florida
Caloosahatchee Formation
Biennial Report 12 (1955-1956)
Ground-Water Resources of the Stuart Area, Martin County, Florida
Interim Report on the Water Resources of Brevard County, Florida, With Special Reference to the Central Area
Interim Report on the Progress of an Inventory of Artesian Wells in Florida, Leading to the Enforcement of Sections 370.051-370.054, Florida Statutes
A List, Bibliography, and Index of the Fossil Vertebrates of Florida
Interim Report on Ground Water Resources of the Northeastern Part of Volusia County, Florida
Interim Report on Surface Water Resources and Quality of Waters in Lee County, Florida
Geology and Ground-Water Resources of Highlands County, Florida
Water Resources of Palm Beach County, Florida
Ground Water Resources of Pinellas County, Florida
Ground-Water Resources of the Naples Area, Collier County, Florida
Miscellaneous Studies (in two parts)
Contribution to the Study of the Miocene of the Florida Panhandle
Geology and Ground Water of the Fort Lauderdale Area, Florida
Geology of Florida
Interim Report on the Investigations of Water Resources in Southeastern Florida with Special Reference to the Miami Area in Dade County
Late Cenozoic Geology of Southern Florida, with a Discussion of the Ground Water
Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Studies of Wells in Florida - No. 3, City of Quincy Water Well, St. Marys Oil Corporation, Hilliard Turpentine Company No. 1 Well
The Natural Features of Southern Florida, Especially the Vegetation, and the Everglades
Florida Mineral Industry, with Summaries of Production for 1940 and 1941
Stratigraphic and Paleontologic Studies of Wells in Florida
Biennial Report 3 (1937-1938)
Notes on the Upper Tertiary and Pleistocene Mollusks of Peninsular Florida
Scenery of Florida Interpreted by a Geologist
Stratigraphy and Micropaleontology of Two Deep Wells in Florida
New Miocene Gastropods and Scaphopods from Alaqua Creek Valley, Florida
Ground Water in the Lake Okeechobee Area, Florida
Twenty-Third - Twenty-Fourth Annual Report
Miocene Pelecypods of the Choctawhatchee Formation of Florida
The Pensacola Terrace and Associated Beaches and Bars of Florida
The Pliocene and Pleistocene Foraminifera of Florida
Miocene Gastropods and Scaphopods of the Choctawhatchee Formation of Florida
Twentieth Annual Report
Nineteenth Annual Report
Eighteenth Annual Report
Seventeenth Annual Report
Sixteenth Annual Report
Fifteenth Annual Report
Fourteenth Annual Report
Twelfth Annual Report
Tenth and Eleventh Annual Reports
Eighth Annual Report
Seventh Annual Report
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