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Oyster Bed at Langston Quarry, Franklin County
View of Pit at Langston Quarry
Sam Upchurch in front of Geologic Exposure at Windley Key Quarry, Monroe County
Key Largo Limestone
Plastic Deformation Outcrop
Lookout Mountain Funicular Railway
Lookout Mountain Funicular Railway
St. Stephens Quarry
Buccatunna and Chickasawhay at St. Stephens Quarry
Clay bed containing fossil plants in Perdido bay, Alabama
Contact between beds of Marianna.  Gray bed is Glauconite.
Section of Citronelle at Red Bluff Perdido Bay, Alabama
Type Location of Citronelle
Chickasawhay Bucatunna Contact at St. Stephens Quarry
Chickasawhay and Bucatunna at St. Stephens Quarry
Citronelle Formation in a railroad cut at the Type Section near Citronelle, Alabama
Exposure of Citronelle at Red Bluf, Perdido Bay, Ala.
Glendon ledge at St. Stephens Quarry
Chickasawhay and Bucatunna at St. Stephens Quarry
Random clay in sand section near Lambert Station near Citronelle, Alabama.  Supposedly Citronelle above Pascagoula Clay.
Close up of leaf bed at type section of Citronelle
SE GSA group at Loc. B near Fayetteville
Lepidocyclina Mantelli from upper marianna bed at St. Stephens Quarry
Contact between Chickasawhay and Bucatunna St. Stephens Quarry
Barraclough pointing at leaf bearing bed exposed at Red Bluff, Perdido bay, Alabama.
Glendon Station, Ala type Glendon
St. Stevens Quarry Ala Ledge is Glendon
Type Formation of Byram Mississippi
Type Byram of Byram Mississippi
St. Stevens Quarry, Alabama
Rock City on Lookout Mountain
Sedimentary Thin Section
Sedimentary Thin Section
Sedimentary Thin Section
Growth Of Diamond Crystals
Fluorite Crystal
SEM Photomicrograph Crystal
Chattahoochee Sinkhole
Chattahoochee Sinkhole
Rock Outcrop - Twin Sink
Midway Mine
diamond bit
Looking Out of Fanning Springs Entrance
Orange Grove Sink Upper Tunnel
Hart Springs Cave - Upstream of Black Lagoon Sink
Ginnie Springs Diving
Fanning Springs Diving
Little Devils Spring
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